Zieher Cloche with wooden saucer and glass inlay

  • The cloches made of robust borosilicate glass delight by their imposing size and unusual shape. The light cloches are heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and very easy to handle. Each item is hand-blown, manufactured by hand and therefore also shaped in a slightly different and individual way! The fitting plates, made of solid walnut wood with inserts of clear glass, form the basis for the precious cover. Whether used for the presentation of an exclusive choice of cheese or fruit or as a place to keep souvenirs, jewellery or collectibles held dear on the sideboard or mantelpiece - the cloches present and protect in an extravagant shape!


    Brand           Zieher
    Collection    Cloche

    Material        Walnut wood, borosilicate glass
    Description  Glass lid with base, set (3-part) Available in 2 sizes.

  • 2 weeks
  • The Zieher company was founded in 1986 by Christa and Manfred Zieher, at first under a different name. The key to success was the decision to change the international trading company to a manufacturer and creator of luxury design products. The first release of products originally designed by Zieher was in 2006. The success of those was so impressive that the development and realization of exclusively designed products became the new main activity field. 

    In 2010 “Skyline” was developed, until today a highly requested product and the first buffet system with an extremely high grade of flexibility. This is how Zieher initiated the trend towards buffet systems and up until today is still quite strong in that sector. 

    ZIEHER today
    The brand ZIEHER stands for innovative design, both in the tabletop and in the buffet section. At this, the main target audience are five star hotels and top class restaurants and also the innovative gastronomy where dedicated professional chefs create new trends, as well as the high class retail market that insists on exclusive products.

    Products made out of different materials such as glass, stainless steel, slate, porcelain etc. and the combination of materials give birth to high-quality and modern tableware and buffet-systems. This is why ZIEHER is internationally well known by its target audiences as a modern and innovative company with the strength to realize new products with an outstanding design and high quality craftsmanship. Meanwhile ZIEHER is well known throughout the world for branded and self-designed products for 5*-Hotels and top-class-restaurants and is active in more than 90 countries.

    By choosing some of the most refined items of the Zieher product range, the line Zieher-“Selection” has been developed to specifically target end users. This channel of distribution is supported in particular by high-end packaging and a premium quality catalogue. The slogan “Exclusive Interior Accessories” introduces Zieher products to the design loving, lifestyle oriented target group. The distinctive shapes of the Zieher brand have become integral parts of luxury hotels and restaurants worldwide. Now they are available to the design favoring end user, too!