Shtox Spinning Glasses

  • This is a unique liqueur or whiskey spinning glass, which can spin on the table. Its fun to use when gathered with friends for games night, or just a great gift. 
    At first glance, the rotation of the glass seems unbelievable and difficult to understand.
    But in fact this "phenomenon" is as simple as the rotation of a wheel. You just take a glass (empty or with a drink inside), put it on the table and with a slight movement of the hand give the glass a spin... and something amazing happens: the glass rotates on the table right in front of your eyes.


    Brand            Shtox
    Collection     Spinning Glasses
    Volume         320 ml / 10.8 oz
    Size              H9.6cm Diameter at top 8.9cm, Diameter at bottom 8.3cm

  • 2 weeks

  • Novelty, originality, exclusivity - all of this is SHTOX!

    This unique in its kind glass, which can spin on the table! 
    The glass SHTOX is manufactured in Germany from a high quality crystal, at the factory of crystal products belonging to well-known company Nachtmann. 
    Shape of the bottom of the SHTOX glass specially designed and produced so that it allows it to spin at any hard flat surface. The idea of this development is protected by international patent for the invention. During the production of glasses at the factory the bottom of each glass is manually brought up to achieve the desired result.
    Glass SHTOX is the winner of "Red Dot Design Award 2009" in the category "product design". It is a sign of high quality and outstanding design of this product! Today the "Red Dot Design Award" is the largest and most famous design - award in the world! The sticker with the logo "Red Dot" on the glass and packaging is a sign of high quality and international recognition of the outstanding design of this product! Glass SHTOX is presented in the exposition of the largest design museum in the world - Red Dot Design Museum!
    It award received the "Home Style" in the category "Best Look 2012". This award is supported by the Municipal Joint Stock Company of the Commertial Information and organized by the Shanghai Commercial Information Center together with Messe Frankfurt in Shanghai. This is the first award in the industry that was launched in China.

    Glass SHTOX is a great gift for any man: a friend, husband, father, colleague, because it carries the energy of motion and the warmth of the hands of experienced craftsmen of the oldest crystal production in Europe.