Rosenthal Swinging vases Red opaque Vase 20 cm

  • When the Hamburg-based designer Silke Decker sketched the first designs for her Swinging Vases vase series, she was imagining delicate grasses and flowers gently swaying in the wind. This same effect is created by her teardrop-shaped vases made of delicate glass, which move effortlessly once triggered, perfectly round and pleasantly smooth. This impression is amplified by the splendid, shimmering surfaces and the elegant mix of transparent and opaque colours.

    Brand           Rosenthal
        Swinging Vases 
    Decor           Red-opaque
    Height          20cm 
    Material        Glass
  • 1 -2 weeks
  • Rosenthal ranks among the most traditional and modern design brands in Germany. Today, as well as at the foundation more than 135 years ago, Rosenthal develops products for end consumers and professionals of the demanding gastronomy and hotel industry, which excel through form, function, quality and craftsmanship, represent a part of the traditional treasure made in Germany and convince through constant innovation and creativity. New interior and lifestyle collections enrich the world of Rosenthal and open up additional promising growing markets in the luxury sector.