Roni Weiss

Roni Weiss Iggeret HaRamban

  • Beautifully written in scribe by the incredible talented Roni Weiss, this timeless letter - the Iggeret Haramban, has become an icon in the history of Jewish letter writing. Written by the exiled Ramban (Nachmanides) to his son in Spain, the Ramban outlines the basic guidelines and ethics to lead a fulfilling life. He finished the letter by urging his son to read the letter once a week, thus guaranteeing him safety from evil. It has become customary to read the Iggeret HaRamban on a regular basis. Hand written and illuminated on aged parchment, this will make a striking feature on any wall. The parchment has been rolled up at the top and bottom, to emphasize its origins as a letter, and the edges have been worn and cracked to illuminate its vintage. The illumination is painted in muted, deep red tones with gold accents.
  • 4 weeks

  • Roni Weiss Fine Judaica is a leading company in high-end Judaica. Judaica is the art of beautifying the rich and diverse Jewish heritage through paintings, illuminated books, exquisite calligraphy, sculpture and silverware. Existing examples of Judaica dating back from the renaissance period until the present day can be found in many collections today. Traditionally, Europe was the centre of this art, and exquisite illustrated megillot, haggadot, ketubot and silverware, commissioned by wealthy patrons grace many a collection worldwide. Though it declined somewhat at the turn of the last century, over the past few decades there has been a great resurgence of interest in high end Judaica, particularly in the United States.

    Roni Weiss Fine Judaica Art represents the best in high-end exclusive judaica art, and has served clients worldwide, including New York, London, Israel and Australia. Roni Weiss original masterpieces are highly sort after by discerning collectors looking for the very best in design and craftsmanship. No compromises are made, and time-honoured, traditional methods are used to ensure that only the very highest standard of workmanship is achieved. Silver work is done by one of the world’s leading Master silversmiths, with each piece, painstakingly crafted and engraved by hand. Roni works closely with the client, tailoring each custom made product to meet all his or her needs and requirements.

    “Art has always interested me, since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and over the years I have honed and perfected my ability to draw and paint, constantly looking for ways to improve my standards. I spent many years as a professional model maker, and the diversity of skills needed, was the perfect grounds for my career as a Judaica artist. I studied the sacred art of safrut (scribe) and received semichah (rabbinical ordination) on the laws of safrut from the Vaad Mishmeret HaStam a globally recognized certification in safrut. At around the same time, I was introduced to the world of Judaica, in particular fine art on parchment. This opened up a whole new world of artistic creativity for me, and the challenge of developing new skills, including painting on parchment, gilding and paper-cuts, was a most rewarding one. Art is a constant learning curve; I am my own biggest critique, and I strive to achieve perfection in all my art. My primary goal is that every piece that comes out of my studio is a true masterpiece,”. - Roni Weiss