Mukul Goyal


Mukul Goyal ID Pen Holder

  • Ponder, look ahead, get inspired, this fun, quirky pen holder, will keep your desk neat. The base works as a easy access for erasers and pins.

    Brand           Mukul Goyal
    Material        Chromed Brass & Black Steel
    Size              8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 cm's
  • 3-5 working days

  • Mukul Goyal, alumnus of Domus Academy, Milan, NID, Ahmedabad, and IIT- Kanpur is the Principal Designer and Director at Designwise India Pvt. Ltd.
    He started on his professional journey in 1991 and his repertoire of design is full of objects for the home – table, living area, objects for lighting, home Decor, functional products, Home & Builder Hardware to name a few.

    His inspirations are drawn from everyday life and his designs are a blend of traditional materials with contemporary expression, uncomplicated yet exuberant – a simple story but always told with a twist!

    Mukul says, “I see inspiration for design everywhere – I seek to introduce a new perspective for the users, in their interface with the objects. I like to create products that intrigue people, create wonder and bring a smile to their faces!”
    No wonder then that Mukul’s work has been featured in various media winning great reviews.