Hudson & Co

Hudson & Co. Feu de Bois

A lovely gift produced by Hudson & Co, this beautiful candle will warm your hearts and home with its delicious woodland smell.
A sad story but interesting piece of history nonetheless, Sir Henry Hudson's ship, Discovery, plied the Canadian bay that also took his name in the summer of 1610. As the harsh Winter grew colder, she was forced to ground for the winter,  despite his crews wish to return home. Desperate to stay warm, small fires were set to see the men through the most severe winter many had ever seen. On June 22nd 1611, the crew mutinied, forcing Hudson, his son, and five others into a small boat and casting them adrift. When Discovery returned to Britain later that summer, Hudson was not aboard.

Brand         Hudson & Co
Flavour      Feu de Bois

Volume      25cl  
Material     100% Natural Wax