Cookplay Jomon Bowl Large Silver

  • Catering to the modern dining experience, Cookplay's Jomon is a shell which can be held in your hand for relaxed dining - sitting at the table, desk or sofa, standing or lying down. The Jomon is fun and innovative and great for informal gatherings.

    Brand            Cookplay
    Collection      Jomon
    Material         Porcelain
    Size              18x14x9cm
    Care              Dishwasher Safe avoid high temperatures, not suitable for microwave

  • 1 week

  • COOKPLAY (2014) is a new-comer in the tableware industry, established by the industrial designer Ana Roquero with the commitment and passion to designing a more creative and experimental “table”, being nearest to the sensitivity of the new food culture. COOKPLAY was born from the dream to provoke emotion in the world of cooking, challenging the biggest brands with products loaded with personality in an attempt to fill a gap in the market with fun and a little “savoir faire”, combined with quality, beautiful simplicity and a commitment to designing a more creative tableware for an increasingly eclectic and global cuisine.

    COOKPLAY's first Collection Jomon a set of bowls and trays in porcelain and bamboo, inspired by nature and back to our origins with a pure and essential shape. It is a kind of shell which can be held comfortably and confidently in your hand to eat freely. Our secound collection Yayoi is a dining set that invites you to eat in a healthy and creative way, offering four different pieces of porcelain designed to create your own table settings and most personal menus.

    Our last Collection Shell Line is inspired in nature with elegant and stylish lines that offers great organic volumes and functionallity in each piece of the collection. This enhance the gastronomic experiences making possible the most sophisticated culinary meals as well as an everyday common table.