Cristallerie de Montbronn


Cristallerie de Montbronn Calgari Double Old Fashioned Tumbler 13

  • With beautiful intricate detailing, the Calgari Double Old Fashioned Tumbler is a must have for every home. Whether it is a whisky you desire or are 'muddling' a drink, this elegant cup is a statement piece.
    Brand             Cristallerie de Montbronn
    Collection       Calgari
    Material          Crystal
    Size                Dimensions 92mm, Article Diameter 85mm

    Volume           0.32l
  • 2-4 weeks

  • Cristallerie de Montbronn was born in 1930 from a man's passion for crystal, Mr. Joseph Louis Ferstler, in the small village of Montbronn, in Lorraine in Northeastern France, a small area which has been known for centuries for its exceptional crystal manufacturing all around the world.

    Present in life's every moment, crystal is one of the most poetic and magical material. Born from the fusion of the purest soil, fine and pristine white sand, crystal shines like sunlight and sings divine sounds. Passing the love for crystal art from father to sons, in full respect of the ancestral gestures of cristal craftmen, from glass blowing to the cut or engraving, each order is specially manufactured and each piece is unique.

    Today, respecting traditions and following current trends, Cristallerie de Montbronn is always searching to innovate to keep the brand among the French leading manufacturers. With the help of designers such as Kim-Ho, new contemporary designs are created mixing simplicity and elegance.

    Because there are so many ways to experience Art in every day's life, Cristal de Montbronn gives the opportunity to acquire very high quality luxury and unique crystalware and perpetuate French Crystal Art and heritage all around the world.

    In 2006, Cristallerie de Montbronn was rewarded by the French Ministry of Economy with the highly sought EPV label "Living Heritage Company" to reward the exceptional know-how and high quality products.

    Elite craftsmanship of Luxury Crystal founded in 1930. 
    Since 2016, Frédéric Muller, new President awakes the sleeping beauty. Under his impetus, the Maison strives to promote expertise and innocative spirit. In the excellence of traditional and modern savoir-faire. All the collections : Tableware, pieces of Decoration, Gifts can be tailored and offers a wide variety of color choices. Every creation can be sublimated with a fine gold or platinum incrustation. Each unique piece, traditional or contemporary, handed down by our elite craftsmen put their unrivaled talent to the service of our specific requirements.