Artel Glacier Vase Purple

  • An incredible work of art and breathtakingly stunning, the Glacier vase needs no flowers, it is a design statement of its own. Designed exclusively for ARTEL by David Wiseman, a rising star in the design world. Its slightly asymmetrical shape evokes natural ice formations, while its hand-cut facets reflect light in mesmerizing patterns. A delight to behold, the Glacier Vase is equally fabulous in clear crystal, amber, olive, purple and smoke.

    Brand          Artel
    Decor         Glacier
    Height         26cm  
    Material      100% Lead-Free Crystal, Mouth-Blown, Hand-Cut and Hand-Polished   
    Care            Not Dishwasher Safe

  • 6-8 weeks – if large order over EUR 5000,- it can be up to 10-12 weeks 

  • ARTĚL is a luxury glassware company based in Prague, Czech Republic specializing in handcrafted Bohemian crystal.

    In 1998, Karen Feldman established Artĕl Glass, a luxury crystal firm based in Prague. The small company has achieved remarkable global success with its unique combination of fresh, inspired designs and traditional craftsmanship.

    It fills a distinct niche in a timeworn industry, offering pieces that are once whimsical and elegant — and that deliver the quality expected from the most highly skilled Czech artisans.