Artel Fly Fusion Gilded Tumbler

  • The Fly Fusion Gilded Tumbler by Artel is ideal for serving water, juice or soft drinks, as well as for larger cocktails served on the rocks.

    While all that glitters may not be gold, when it comes to creating an aura of refined elegance, there is simply no substitute for the luminous luster of the real thing. Fly Fusion Gilded is an updated version of our immensely popular Fly Fusion motif that utilizes a highly unusual production technique, along with a generous helping of genuine 24-carat gold. While Fly Fusion was previously available in two distinct versions, each using a different production technique, engraving or hand painting. Fly Fusion Gilded goes beyond these techniques.

    The design motif is delicately hand-engraved into the glass surface. Finally, each individual insect is hand-gilded with 24-carat gold for a stunning effect that combines the tactile sensation of engraving with the understated luxuriousness of gold. The resulting glassware has a classic, vintage feel that is simply unlike anything currently on the market and sure to complement a wide range of d̩cors.

    Brand           Artel
    Decor           Fly Fusion Gilded
    Height          12.5cm 
    Material        100% Lead-Free Crystal, Mouth-Blown, Hand-Engraved and Hand-                           Gilded
    Care             Not Dishwasher Safe

  • 6-8 weeks – if large order over EUR 5000,- it can be up to 10-12 weeks 

  • ARTĚL is a luxury glassware company based in Prague, Czech Republic specializing in handcrafted Bohemian crystal.

    In 1998, Karen Feldman established Artĕl Glass, a luxury crystal firm based in Prague. The small company has achieved remarkable global success with its unique combination of fresh, inspired designs and traditional craftsmanship.

    It fills a distinct niche in a timeworn industry, offering pieces that are once whimsical and elegant — and that deliver the quality expected from the most highly skilled Czech artisans.