Deep in the Bavarian Forests, close to the highest mountains and just a few miles away from Czech Republic, there is the little valley of Theresienthal. Surrounded by forests and old villages, the glass hut stands beside the river Regen, close by Zwiesel, Bavaria’s most traditional place of glassblowing. Ever since the factory was founded in 1836 by Ludwig I, King of Bavaria, the craftsmen create exquisite quality glasses, extraordinary in both: in respect of craft and in respect of design. In this site, the formerly ‘Royally Bavarian Privileged Glassworks of Theresienthal’, workers still make every glass entirely by hand. No stem-pressing, no chemical surface treatment, no mechanical blowing.

The ambition of a Royal factory requires the best craftsmen, whereas superb design made by experienced artists is as important. Today the artists call themselves designers. But the Royal ambition and the craft remain unchanged. Designers as well as workers, glassblowers, engravers, cutters and glass painters, are dedicated to their great art and create glasses of incredible beauty and sophistication. And the result of all these efforts, the beautiful as well as useful pieces of art, may enrich your personal space of living. Enjoy the beauty. It is your life.