A young architect with a great passion for art and design began his own journey, first by working at the studio of the architect Sandro Angelini and the workshop of his uncle, the painter Sandro Pinetti, to then open his own architectural and design studio.
These are the historical and cultural origins which led to the creation and development of the Pinetti company.

The history of Pinetti begins in Bergamo in 1983. Alberto and his wife Ezia, owners of an architectural studio, took their first steps in the artisan world by designing their first objects for the home: one-off items created as gifts which soon became so successful as to lead them to create a company: Pinetti S.r.l.

Their passion and love for their work were handed down to their children: the entry into the company of Andrea and Lorenzo guaranteed the introduction of new ideas and specific skills, which gave the company an international dimension and led to the distribution of the collections on a global scale.