As a French luxury maker of porcelain products, Non Sans Raison manufactures, creates and publishes tableware collections of high quality made in Limoges (France). 

It is through innovation that Non Sans Raison, founded in 2008, highlights the ancestral savoir faire of Limoges porcelain by creating in accordance with the ancient traditions of contemporary products commercialized worldwide and adapted to new uses. Non Sans Raison is also know for the diversity and the cross collaborations with artists and visuals designers and the relevance of participative events about the porcelain. Attached to the idea that creation has meaning only in regard of a thought and reasoned approach, Non Sans Raison sees the porcelain as a starting point towards a multi-sensory experience that sometimes escapes from the table. Confronting the tradition of social and culinary uses of today, their objects echo of a lifestyle transformation.  

Today, Non Sans Raison is present on the hotel trade market, in high-end restaurants,  in luxury retailers and distributors and in some concept stores and galleries. The company is attending important design events like Maison & Objet Paris and Miami, Designer’s Days, Agora Bordeaux, Paris Design Week, Meet My Project, Art Basel Miami. Non Sans Raison exhibited at the Joyce gallery in 2008, the Lyon’s Hotel de Ville, in 2010,  the Colette Carnival, the New York’s FIAF and at the London’s Flow gallery in 2012, the Lieu du Design in 2013 and at the Miami Design Bridge in 2014. The national museum Adrien Dubouché reserved to Non Sans Raison an exhibition in 2015. 

On this occasion, a book was published by Les Ardents Editeurs. In March 2016 at Première Classe, they launched Non Sans Raison Tasting room dedicated to the organization of original and tailor-made culinary events. In 2017, they collaborated with the Bordeaux Food Club and participated in the exhibition Constellations 

Porcelaines in Limousin and a retrospective of the brand was organized at the Tursan ceramics house. Encouraged by this success, Non Sans Raison prepares its diversification to better represent the potential of Limoges porcelain today.  

This year, Non Sans Raison will celebrate its 10th anniversary!